3 Takeaways From Onething 2016 for the Individual in the Marketplace

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I had the privilege of attending the Onething 2016 Conference in Kansas City last week and it was a wonderful time surrounded by thousands of Christians in prayer in worship for the most worthy one, Jesus. It is so easy to be consumed with Jesus in these settings as everyone is setting their focus on one thing, Jesus (pun intended), but often people return home and keeping that focus becomes challenging as distractions come. Serving in the marketplace as a partner in a marketing firm I know how easy it is to get distracted. So this year I tried to pay close attention to what could apply to my walk upon my return.

It’s Not Organic, It’s Personal

For the last four years the IHOP-KC has hosted a Global Leadership Summit where a few hundred leaders from around the world are gathered to talk strategically about reaching the nations with the Gospel and maintaining lifestyles of prayer. During the time one of the leaders shared an insight about how things aren’t created organically but because it’s personal. Organic has become a buzzword of sorts when it comes to creating organizations and cultures and it typically means that something happened naturally without much planning but shifted and adapted to growth based on what works. This leader was sharing that we don’t build things so that they can be organic and just happen but we build and grow things with intentionality towards the people we are working with, it’s personal.

What a great word. First of all, our relationship with the Lord deserves to be more than just organic in the sense that we just ebb and flow with what works in the moment but we need to pursue it with intentionality. Secondly, we don’t need to create new organizations or ideas with the focus on being organic, but instead we need to focus on being personal towards the people we want to reach and serve. When we do that we reflect the heart of our Father who personally pursues, serves, and loves us each individually.

First Commandment Devotion Creates Second Commandment Nature

The first commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Matt. 22:37) is the first and greatest commandment. One that can seems so simple but is much deeper and more challenging than we realize when we walk it out. The second commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:37) and equally challenging word to live by but yet sums up all that God has called us too. The prayer room is built around fueling First Commandment love and fulfillment in our lives and in my years serving there I found it easy to maintain a focus on giving the Lord all my love.

In the last several months as I have been working full time, I realized that specifically in work settings I was more focused on loving people and less focused on the Lord. I had to repent last week as I realized that as my focus turned towards loving people over loving Him. Secondly, I noticed that my love for others was very weak compared to where it has been in my life in the past. Therefore I realized that it is direly important that we maintain first commandment love in all that we do in the marketplace. We sustain this by laying our work before Him each day and working as if it was the very work of heaven.

Pray For God’s Redemptive Purpose In Your Industry

I attended a breakout session on the last day of the conference titled Prayer Saturated Leadership In Business Marketplace. Here a panel of marketplace leaders shared their experiences and insights in maintaining a lifestyle of prayer in the marketplace. One of the speakers, John Chisholm, shared a powerful insight, that one way we partner with God in our given jobs is to pray and ask God for the redemptive purpose in your given industry.

This has been rattling around in my head nonstop since he said it and something I am just beginning to pray into and ask God for revelation about in my given industry. I am excited for God to speak to me about what His redemptive purposes are for the marketing and communications industry. I encourage you to pray into what God wants to do in your industry as well!

For more about the Onething Conference or to watch the video archives check out the IHOP-KC website. All the sessions including worship are free to watch. Here are some of my favorite sessions:

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