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We have all have abilities and skills in one area of our life or another. Whether it is an athletic ability, academic ability, physical ability, marketplace ability, or any other form of ability it is true that we have them and they are God given. Some abilities may be God-given by the very parents and culture that you grew up in for example. If you have the ability to read because you grew up in a home and community with a good education structure then it would be appropriate to assume that God gave you the ability to read by providing you with a good education. However there are many in our cities, our nation and in the world that do not have the ability to read.

The reality is we take our abilities for granite and in doing so we miss huge opportunities to make a difference in the world and build the Kingdom. We miss our chances to make a difference in the world and evangelize because we are ignorant. We are ignorant to the needs of others around us and we are content in our ignorance. When I say we I mean the church and I mean myself included. We would rather maintain our unawareness of others around us and strive in our own ambitions for the enhancement of self. A way of life that only benefits self and ignores all others.

I write this not to condemn anyone but to bring perspective because we do need to realize where we are so that we can come out of it. I don’t condemn anyone but I will incline of them to join in coming out and away from this complacent position. What we need to do is have a heart change before the Lord and ask for Him to search our hearts and remove our selfish ambitions and replace them with His desires.

Many people would say to look at your abilities and then see where you can use them to serve others, but I would like to consider another perspective. I would say look around you to see where the nearest need is and then assess your abilities to see how you can meet it. You may not have the resources to meet that need but that does not mean you don’t have the ability. The ability you have may be connecting someone with the resources to the need so that it can be filled. A few weeks ago two men found out that I was low on funds and in need of a car. They prayed about how to help our family. They didn’t have the ability to get us a new car but they did have the ability to reach out to their network by sending an email asking for people to give to a local youth pastor and missionary and within 24-hours they were able to bring in enough resources. They didn’t just look at our need and think that since they weren’t able to do it all themselves that they couldn’t do anything they did what they could and the Lord blessed it and so did others. It’s not about what you can do by yourself but what God can lead you to do when you are obedient and use what you have to meet needs.

In conclusion, it is the Lord who always meets needs but more than less often He meets those needs through His body that is on the earth in the church. He uses His people to accomplish His will. The Lord says to take care of orphans and widows, to heal the sick and feed and care for those in need. It’s not a lot to do and if we took our abilities and resources that God has given us then I think we truly can make a difference and be much more effective in building the Kingdom of God.

What is your vocation?

Engineer – Use you knowledge to create/engineer ways for people to live better. For instance someone had to engineer the wells that they are building in Africa. What can you create that will help others? Don’t have any ideas? Go sit before the Lord and ask Him to put some people on your heart and some ideas in your head to serve them and He will answer.

Manager – Manage resources, people or projects towards Kingdom results. Put together a missions trip or help in a current ministry that needs some organizational assistance.

Accountant – Help other steward their money and resources effectively. Many can’t afford the serves of an accountant so do a portion of your work pro bono. Help churches and pastors budget effectively so they can be more effective with their resources.

Education – Teach and tutor kids for free. Go to places where the education system is weaker and serve those neighborhoods.

No matter what your line of work is there is always a way to use it for the glory of God and help others. And just a note, none of these things should be done for monetary gain because these things are not done to make us richer but to make others richer out of what God has given us.

What skills or abilities do you have?

Mowing Lawns – You have to mow your lawn, why not mow your neighbors lawn?

Reading – Why not read to kids in the lesser parts of town to help them do better in school.

Art – Create art that expresses you but reflects messages of faith and Truth. Then use it to raise money for needs or give it away to bless someone.

Changing Oil – Help out a widow, single mom, the elderly or anyone change their oil when you go to do yours.

All of these things are simple easy ways to serve people, but its going to cost you your time, energy and that ‘something else you could be doing’ in order to bless someone else. Instead of watching TV go out and bless someone and be intentional with your conversations, when they ask why your doing what your doing be honest and tell them that the Lord has blessed you with abilities to help others and see how people respond.

What abilities and assets do you have?

God gives them all to you for the very purpose of building His Kingdom and blessing His heart. Your time, money, and abilities are not yours but God’s and He’s given them to you so that you can give them to others. If you give generously the Lord will give generously to you because He knows that He can trust you to spread the wealth He has given to you to many others.


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