writing about

I write about the things that move me. Faith & Family, Business & Leadership and all the things I am learning. I love sharing life’s experiences with others through stories. The focus of my life has always revolved around people and how I can learn from them, serve them, and give back. I am not a writer so my blog game is weak but where I lack I hope shows authenticity. Secretly, I love dad jokes.

“How does a hippo sign a secret note?”



I am a son, a husband, and a father. Life is defined by experiences and my story is no different. My parents loved and invested into my younger sister and I was we grew up in a small town outside of Dayton, OH. My growth into adulthood was marked with a great sense of calling and purpose deeply rooted in my faith. As a young adult I realized the impact our choices can impact others. Out of selfishness I made a fair share of destructive decisions but experienced the grace of God and received revelation that life could be different and full of life and hope. Today, I pursue a deeper relationship with God and people around me with a purpose to impact lives with the love, joy and hope that I have experienced.


Anna is my beautiful wife who is a wonderful mother and friend. Anna and I both grew up going to the same church where we both were the biblical nerds of our Sunday School class battling for Bible Bucks. Although we grew up together it was much later in life when God put us together in a way to pursue Him together. Anna is probably the most amazing mom and homemaker on the Earth today she manages our home flawlessly and nurtures Keirsten and Daniel like no other. Her discerning heart and deep love for her Father are incredible.

our kids

Our children are amazing. They are God’s gift to us and we cherish them with everything we have. In Psalms it refers to children as arrows in one’s quiver and we take that to heart as we raise them to be mighty leaders. They each have a unique love for Jesus that is deep and ever-increasing, which we are honored to see. Our daughter is our adventuring princess who loves to dance and be fancy, all the while blaze the trail deep into the woods and find creatures. Our eldest son is our little man of laughter, who uses his cute smile and giggle to break tension and bring joy to the room. He loves “beep beeps” and “dog dogs” aka cars and puppies. Our youngest son is a new addition but full of promise and expectation.