Azusa Now

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In two days I will leave for Azusa Now and I am boiling over with expectation.

In two days I will leave for Azusa Now and I am boiling over with expectation. I expect a great move of God. I expect to see signs and wonders.  I expect to see an outpouring of love. Most of all I expect to see Jesus’ Name lifted high by thousands upon thousands of people.

As I have been looking into the history of the Azusa Street Revival that took place starting in 1906 I have become intrigued with all the similarities between those days and today. Back then the country was in racial turmoil and the church was separated by denominational challenge. Today we find our nation and our world in a turmoil unlike any others. Economies hang by a thread, nations war, terrorism runs ramped, and at home in the United States there is great challenge in our politics, scandals are somewhat normal, and morality has left the building.

In these days we need revival. We need Jesus. We collectively as Believers need the Creator of the Universe to be our God in this hour. We need to place our trust in Him and remember that we are not of this world but we are children of the King who’s Kingdom is near!

As I have been preparing my heart for Azusa Now I have been preparing for God to pour out His Spirit in a way that the world has not seen. I have been preparing my own life to be open for this outpouring. Preparing to be used however He sees fit, where ever He sees fit. Please pray with me and my family that God does something at Azusa that is not limited to the Coliseum but rather births forth something that God will do all over the earth. Pray that God pours out His Spirit and that Eric and I will be able to receive what He pours out fully and bring it back to our city, Dayton.

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