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Today I spent most of the day at a little shop on the corner of Main and Franklin Street called Life In Letters. A friend from high school owns and operates this small family business with his brother. They are a photography shop that specializes in many things and one being framed words that are made out of different pictures of things that look like letters to spell a word. They used to be located at the Greene so many may have seen their store where Pies and Pints is now or in the later years next to Panera. Cory, the business owner, is a friend from high school and actually did our wedding photos, which were amazing, posted up a message saying that they would need some help over the summer watching the shop while they were off shooting weddings.

I ended up being the one who could help them out this weekend. I saw it as an opportunity to bless this family and also be blessed by making a little extra cash. The shop is so close to our apartment its within walking distance too. As I was there I was able to pray over their business and pray over the city of Bellbrook from the very center being on the very corner of Main and Franklin. It was an honor to serve them and hopefully I will have some opportunities to do so again so that others can visit.

In spirit of being in a photography shop I took some pics:

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