Blessing the Car Salesmen

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This week we have been looking for a used car to purchase since some friends raised funds for us to replace my broken down car. Today I was driving around town to different car dealerships when I came to one that seemed to be a divine appointment. On State Route 35 there are is a large group of car dealerships and for some reason I only felt the need to visit one and as I pulled in I was instantly greeted by another young man. He showed me around the used car lot and there were two cars that seemed to fit the budget and style of car we needed so I took one out on a test drive.

As the drive began we started talking about life and He asked me where I was a youth pastor and revealed that he was a Christian who attended APEX with his wife. As the conversation went on he started opening up about some health issues that his wife had and that they were foster parents to four children who were all siblings. My heart really went out to this young man who was truly seeking to do the will of God in his life and with his family. I was impressed with the way that he saw his job as a way to provide for his wife but also as a way to provide for 4 children that weren’t even his own.

As we finished our time together I asked if I could pray over him and laid hands. It was a wonderful experience to be able to pray over this guy in the midst of ‘business’. I only visited one dealership in that area on 35 that afternoon because afterward I got into my car and just felt like God gave me that feeling like my purpose was fulfilled in His will for that afternoon. It is testimony that we can take advantage of every opportunity if we ask and move on God’s promptings.

Being moved by this man’s heart to make a difference in the lives of four children who were not his through foster care was moving. Praying more people come forth with hearts like this because the statistics of children who do not have parents and the amount of churches in just our state are unbelievable! There are 2,655 and there are 14,567 churches! We should not have an orphan problem in Ohio.

Do you see a wake up call in these statistics Church?
Let’s end the orphan problem in our state! More info about orphans in Ohio:

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