Box Blessing

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Last night Anna and I were blessed to go on a date night to a Dayton Dragons game with the Essex & Associates team. Thanks to our sister, Leisha, who watched Keirsten we were able to enjoy the game and just spend a night out together. We were extremely excited to have our first experience in one of the suite boxes.

We appreciated the invite and enjoyed this so much because as missionaries we would have probably never been able to afford this on our own expense. Which got us thinking that it would be awesome for PrayDayton to have access to one of the suite boxes on a consistent basis so that we could bless others like single mom’s with kids, orphans, the less fortunate, missionaries, sick kids, etc. who would not normally get to have this kind of opportunity. If you are interested in blessing others with a Dayton Dragon’s suite please email us at: with the header ‘Baseball Blessing’ and we would like to begin organizing ways for others to enjoy this blessings.


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