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The B-HOP (Business House Of Prayer) has officially started and it’s an exciting feeling to be the brink of something so different and new. The prayer room is located at the offices of Essex and Associates off Paragon in Centerville. I have been praying at the offices of Essex and Associates for about a year and when they asked me to build a prayer room I was pleased to respond with a yes. Wayne Essex owns the business and is a man who eagerly seeks to serve the Lord in all that he does including his work. He is well known for the way that he ministers to single moms and widows by doing their taxes for free. I am pleased to be working along side a man of the Lord.

This week has been spend mainly switching an office from a place for work to a prayer room as a place to prayer. I have been moving furniture, switching out motivational pictures for prayer prompts, and creating ways for people to engage in the prayer room. One of the greatest things we have in the prayer room is an old laptop that is completely used to play the 24-7 Prayer Room Stream from IHOP-KC. It has changed the atmosphere of the office by just having prayer and worship playing in the room whether someone is physically there or not. I would like to host an open house in the near future for everyone to come and see what we have been putting together so that you can be encouraged.

Check out some pictures from the first days…


The sign out on the wall outside the prayer room.

Before the Prayer Room

This is a picture of the office before we started to build the prayer room.

Scripture Pictures

Some motivational pictures that were replaced with Scripture passages.


An old 1800s Bible sits in front of the 24-7 Stream


A place to pin prayer requests and praises


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