People Who Love People.

I love people. I like to hear their stories, learn about their upbringing and their experiences. It’s fascinating for me to learn new things and it arouses my curiosity into new topics I would have never before explored. There is an anticipation I feel when I meet someone new as to what and how that person may influence me or I to them. Thoughts fill my mind with ways in which to create, serve or enjoy others and I am excited when those thoughts become reality.

Love is such a hard word to define because its so rich and full of thoughts, emotions and experiences. It can be used lightly to describe your favorite hamburger yet carry a deep, passionate endearment for a spouse. Our family has experienced love in a deep and profound way that we cannot define but ironically we are able to share. We love sharing. It’s why we’re so wildly driven for community. Community is our opportunity to share in experiences together.

People + Love = Community

This is our invitation. To join us in community. To share in our passions. It is our granting of permission to engage in life with us. To invest into relationship. Below are a few of the ways we’re engaging in community and we invite you to come.

Dayton AWOP

Dayton AWOP

Facilitating the conversation on
how to create a lifestyle of faith
in the working world.

Thanksgiving<br />


Every year we gather friend and family
to serve our first responders with a
Thanksgiving Feast!



Partnering with God in prayer over
the city of Dayton to see it filled with
hope, love and joy.