Crawford Do The Nativity

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This weekend the Crawford’s got their Nativity on!

A Brief Christmas Storytelling

If you haven’t heard the amazing story that is why we have this splendid holiday season please let me share.

The Nativity Scene with the Crawford Family

The Crawford’s doing the Nativity Scene

God loves the world. The world however, since Adam and Eve, had not done so well at loving God back and the result has been sin and separation from God. The Father (God) loving the world so much that He sent His one and only Son to the world, which was about 2,000 years ago. The world didn’t recognize that the Father had sent His Son because He came in the form of a man. He was born to Mary from a virgin birth by the power of the Holy Spirit. Joseph who was betrothed (basically engaged in today’s terms) to Mary at the time took her to Bethlehem. While in Bethlehem this child, the Son of God, was born and given the name Jesus. And when that took place a great Hope was delivered to the world. Hope that life with God would be restored again.

Jesus lived a life worthy of His calling one with out sin and full of power, love and grace. Jesus became the light in a dark world. He came and healed the sick, raised the dead, casted out demons and basically brought people into life and freedom. He spoke with wisdom that caused crowds to gather and left them baffled by His words. He lived a life that poured out love to everyone.

You’d think that this man would be received well by everyone but actually he was met by a great deal of hostility. He came to restore the relationship of the world to the Father but the world hated Him. The result ended with Jesus willingly and without fault taking a guilty mans punishment and death by hanging on a cross. By His death as the Son of God on a cross He paid the price for sin making a way for God to have relationship with humanity again.

This is just the surface to this man Jesus’ story and there is so much more about Him that we can know. His life is the reason we celebrate Christmas and His life is worthy of our celebration. He is the one who paid it all so that we might live but to live is to be known and to know Him. All you have to do is believe in Him and you get the gift of life, eternal life. At Christmas we celebrate by giving gifts but really it’s a celebration of the gift that we received, the gift of the Father to the world so that we could have relationship with Him again.

IMG_2125I know that for many who know this story they will be encouraged by it and that’s awesome let it encourage you! For others though it will be a reminder of something you once heard in church but haven’t really experienced yourself in the receiving of Gods gift. And for you I invite you to receive it right now in your heart it’s as simple as believe and receive. Lastly, some have been burned by Christians or the church and you’ve heard the story and seen a church and people marked with more religion and less relationship. To you I say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that that you met religion and people who should have been full of love and weren’t, I’m sorry but I also don’t want you to miss the amazing opportunity to have a relationship of your own with God. No matter which person you are don’t let anything distract or steal from you the meaning of the gift that this holiday represents, the gift of Christ and His love. Open your hearts, accept His love and let’s all respond by loving Him back and loving others too! #Christmas #Love


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