Humility & Obedience

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“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

As for you, if you will walk before me faithfully as David your father did, and do all I command, and observe my decrees and laws, I will establish your royal throne”

–              2 Chronicles 7:14,17

This verse is from a passage of Scripture where God is speaking to Solomon after the temple has been established. Solomon was the son of David and successor of the throne of Israel, and God is speaking to him about how to be a good leader. As men and women seeking to be disciplers of Christ we know that leadership is key. And right here we see God giving Solomon some directions that we can learn from on being a leader that will not only lead others wisely but catch the eye of God himself.

                  “Humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from wicked ways”

God makes it very clear here the first four things we can do to catch his eye and be a good leader. First, establish yourself in humility and do not be proud. A man who is humble is one who is teachable, open to instruction, not arrogant and is a servant before desiring to be served. God values humility and sees anyone who takes a seat of humility as taking a seat of honor in his kingdom. Solomon later writes in Proverbs, “The fear of the Lord is the instruction for wisdom, and before honor comes humility” (15:33). A man who humbles himself lives in fear of the Lord and lives and breathes by His instruction. If you live humble before the Lord the most likely it is that the ones you lead will live humble before you in honor to the Lord.

Pray. I cannot stress this enough, prayer is so essential to leadership and discipleship. “If you are not praying, you are straying” and “No man is greater than his prayer life” two quotes from Leonard Ravenhill that are so true. When we pray we are putting ourselves before the Lord placing him as our Guide and seeking His heart. The greatest thing you can do as a discipler is pray. This is probably the hardest, most forgotten, and least valued by most leaders but it is the greatest action a leader can take. Humble prayers are led by the Spirit and shake the gates of hell.

Thirdly, we must seek the Lord’s face. We must seek eternity. A man or woman who has their eyes firmly set on the Lord will move with desires for eternal treasures. By seeking Gods face we will be lead by Christ down the straight path and taught by God (Ps. 27). One who is humble and seeks the Lords face will have the Lord’s desires written on their heart and shine forth His glory.

Lastly, we must turn from wickedness. We must wage war on sin, the sin in our lives and the sin of the world. As leaders in the faith we must be constantly waging war on the sin in our lives, striving to be pure and blameless in Christ. As we strive towards righteousness we set course for those under us to do the same. We set an example of righteousness and purity through the strength and guidance of Christ. Living humbly means living by the strength of Christ to overcome wickedness and lead us into righteousness.

        “I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

The result of living in the following ways will bring forth forgiveness and healing. As spiritual leaders, leaders in the faith, we will encounter many times when both forgiveness and healing will be needed. When we live lifestyles of prayer seeking the face of God we will see the places in our lives where we need to be forgiving and we will see the places that need healing both internally in our own lives and in others. God says that he will forgive and heal and what happens is that by living within these standards we become tools of God in the process.

       “Walk before me faithfully…do all I command, and observe my decrees and laws.”

He has called us to observe his Word and to live by it. This means reading the Word, studying it and meditating on it so that it can be written upon our hearts. If we are faithful to the Lord, He will look upon us with favor. If we are obedient to what He tells us to do, we become tools in His works. When we are able to be used by Him, He is glorified and He works and establishes things on our behalf, “I will establish your royal throne.” For Solomon it was a throne, for us it is a kingdom in eternity, but also we will see his favor and blessing in this life in our families, ministries and all around us.

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