Living In A Fallen World

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“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” – Luke 23:34

As I mature in my faith I realize further that I am not of this world. My heart does not long for it, my mind is not consumed with it and my life is not bound by it. I can honestly say that my heart longs for full life with Christ, my mind is consumed with His will and my life is lived on eternal terms. As I mature as a Christian I realize that I am becoming free from the world and more consumed with the Kingdom of God, which is not a huge surprise because Scripture is full of teaching about this transformation.

This realization and transformation of freedom is what Christ died for on the cross, put into biblical language it is salvation and sanctification. The purpose of Christ’s death was so that man could be free from sin and live with God eternally that is simple Biblical Truth 101. Salvation is found when we come to the realization that Jesus is Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth and is the only way to life eternally and we give our lives to Christ Jesus. It is the submission of our lives to wholly serve Him and by choosing to do so we become filled with Holy Spirit. That experience is called salvation and we continue to work out our salvation each day by choosing to serve Him by living righteously and pure. As we live for Him and our lives are transformed that is called sanctification.

Salvation and sanctification lead us into righteousness and purity before God. As Christ followers we become free from the desires of the world and desire the Kingdom of Heaven. This makes Christ followers different from others in the world. Values, perspectives, and beliefs are going to be different between Christ followers and others because Christ followers operate from an eternal Kingdom perspective and others only have their earthly understanding. As Christ followers we are extremely blessed to know Christ and to understand that this world has nothing for us. Unfortunately, others do not share this understanding and they have their whole lives wrapped up in this world.

As Christ followers our response to what the world does needs to be with a level of understanding that they do not have the understanding that we do. I have seen many brothers in the faith condemn the world for their actions and their choices and I would often agree that the actions of the world are wrong, but the point is that in our world of relativism right and wrong are not the same to them as they are to us. We have the bible and Holy Spirit to tell us right from wrong but the world has no guide. The world is essentially a kid in a corn maze with no map and we as Christ followers are the adults with maps. Would it be right for us to get angry and rebuke kids for making wrong turns through the maze? What would the appropriate response be?

Recent decisions made by our judiciary branch have made quiet a social uproar with comments and opinions flying everywhere. As Christ followers it is important for us to remember the knowledge that we have and the lack of understanding that the world has. We have to have compassion on our friends and family who do not know Christ, who don’t have Holy Spirit within them, who are not free from this world. They are blind, lost and trapped to this world and we are free. When it comes to social issues is it more important for us to win an argument or to set people free?

I pray that as the ones representing Christ we would be slow to speak but quick to show compassion, slow to argue but firm in standing our ground, slow to judge but quick to bring others into freedom in Christ. I pray that Christ would help us to live rightly through this time. As Christians we are not called to respond to what the world does and decides but to respond in obedience to what God has called us too. What if the Church lived in constant obedience to Christ and not in response to what the world does? Let us keep our eyes on Christ and pursue holiness in our lives and our churches so we can be above reproach and represent the pure and spotless bride that He has called us to be.

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