Love ≠ Agreement

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“Love is not synonymous with agreement.”

– W. Barr

There is a lie that has penetrated our world today. It has crept into politics, classrooms and pulpits. It is masked as peace and happiness but will yield deathly consequences. It’s the lie that love means agreement.

We are being told by our society that, “If you love me you will agree with me and if you don’t agree with me then you really don’t love me.” To me it sounds like the type of logic my children use when trying to their way. Yet this seemingly childish lie has penetrated every low and lofty place in our society creating gaping holes for wickedness to run rampant.

The question becomes how do we navigate such a challenging issue?

Imagine a long straight road with a ditch on either side. One one side, society has entrenched itself in the perspective of that love means agreement. On the other side, many claiming the title of Christian have entrenched themselves on the side of truth unto judgement. At the end of this long road is Christ and His glory. To get to the destination there is only one route – down the center of that road. Walking in truth and love unwavering and without slanting towards judgement or agreement.

Thank God for his grace and mercy that He has given us the Holy Spirit to take on such a journey. Holy Spirit gives us the power to walk humbly and gracefully down the road without slant. Our job is to keep our eyes and our hearts set on the Truth before us and allowing the Spirit to guide us. In these trying days I believe we are being called to cling to the Truth of the Gospel, meaning we cling to Jesus the Good News for the world! That we might not only preserve our own hearts unto holiness but also be a penetrating light into the darkness.

To Christ be the glory.

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