New Wheels

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Back in May the used car that I had recently purchased broke down just a short month and a half after I had purchased it and we were in a bit of a rut. I am pleased to say that two friends who I minister with in the marketplace felt led to do what they could do to raise money for us to purchase a new vehicle. They came to me and said that they were going to take care of raising $5,000 and they would not let us get another car with 160,000 miles again. They raised the money in just 24 hours by sending out one email that 40 some people responded to saying that they would like to give and pray for us to receive a car.

At the same time people from all over the Dayton and Cincinnati region were reaching out to help us find the right vehicle. Through the Christian networks the message went out that a youth pastor/missionary was looking for a car and within a few days many responded with leads. One in particular was exactly what we had said we want ‘in a perfect world’ we told everyone anything that runs with 4 wheels and 4 doors was good for us, but when asked what we ‘wanted’ we said we would like to have a small SUV that could carry equipment and materials easier while not being a huge gas guzzler. The chances of finding something like this within the millage area we were looking was nearly impossible so we were expecting a sedan from the get-go. However within days a man came forward wanting to sell his small SUV to someone in ministry and he gave us a great deal under the value of the car just so that we could be blessed by it.

After making a few repairs I can finally say we are fully situated with a new car. God has been so good to us here by providing something that was completely outside of our reach. Not only did he give us a great used car with relatively low miles He gave us something we wanted even though it wasn’t necessary. We are truly thankful to God for His constant faithfulness and provision to us. We are also extremely grateful for the body of Christ that provided such an amazing blessing for our family. Most of the people who gave their time, resources and money weren’t even people we knew but they were part of our family in Christ.

Here is the family in front of the new car.


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