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“Terry was subbing at the high school and getting ready for the talent show. As he was carrying a box onto the stage, he lost track of where he was and fell into the orchestra pit 8 feet below. Resulting in a head injury. He is currently in the ICU receiving exceptional care.”  (Lynzee Johnson via CaringBridge)

Monday night by the prompting of my sister, Leisha Crawford, we led a community night of prayer for Terry Johnson at Skyline Chili in Bellbrook. We met to pray in front of Skyline because Terry was very well known for being a ‘regular’ there and most knew it so it seemed like a good venue. Personally I think it was a great place for prayer because it give people the chance to see that prayer and the church goes beyond the four walls of the church building. I believe people will remember as they drive past that Skyline for years to come as the place that they prayed for Terry, at least I will always will.

We met there to pray and many students, teachers, faculty from Bellbrook and many others from throughout the community arrived to stand in for this man’s healing from the place of prayer. Terry’s wife, Jeanne, and daughter, Lynzee, along with other family and close friends were able to attend, which made then time even more meaningful. We prayed as one community, in small groups and to end the night we laid hands on the family and prayed together. I was honored to lead such a powerful time of prayer for the Johnson and the community. I believe one of the most amazing scenes of the night was being able to ask Payne, a young man who was in a car accident in February who suffered a head injury and has been recovering quite well by the power of prayer and amazing doctors and therapy, pray over the Johnson’s during the time where we laid hands.

It is an amazing to see how the community of Bellbrook comes together for the one. Mr. Johnson has been had a huge influence in this community and its schools, athletics and lives. I am pleased to part of such a caring people and a group that comes together in prayer! May God bless Terry, the Johnson’s, and others who’s hearts a heavy in this time. May we all lift them up before the throne of grace in full knowledge of His great power and authority over life, who can raise men up from the dead and bring Salvation to all.

Keep up with Terry Johnson’s health status on CaringBridge.

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