Proclamation of Ordination

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In early May I was asked to apply to a conference called Set The Christians Free—a conference held by Five Rivers Ministries in Englewood.

Set the Christians Free Conference

Set the Christians Free Conference

I didn’t know what to expect other than knowing it had to do with marketplace ministry. It was a small gathering of about 20 Christians who were hand selected by the leadership of Five Rivers Ministries through an application process which focused mainly on previous biblical training and Christian character recommendations. Within the first five minutes I knew that this conference was something I have been waiting for, for a long time now.

In 2011, I moved back to Ohio from Liberty University to continue my education through the online university and to pursue some business opportunities. Within a few months I walked into the prayer room for the first time and within a year I was on staff full-time as an intercessor. As I processed what the Lord was calling me into I became unsatisfied with achieving the traditional ministry training because as I looked into the Seminary programs I didn’t see much focus on prayer, intimacy or spirit-filled ministry. Instead I saw lots of doctrine, theology and church leadership training. (Not to say that I am against the latter but I didn’t feel called to give my life to those things nor did I ever have an experience with such that gave me freedom in Christ. Personally, the former had given me freedom in Christ and I felt a calling to use what God had shown me to help others encounter Him.) As I continued my degree online and was considering Seminary the Lord began to ask me the question, “Why do you need seminary?” I was unprepared to give an answer and all I could think of was thats what every one says I have to do to serve the Lord. All I had heard was that if I wanted to serve God I had to get a Seminary degree so that I could get ordained and pastor in a church.

As God kept asking me this question I read the testimony of Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of Voice of The Martyrs, who spoke of a few Christian men he had met in the late 1940’s, in Romania, during World War II. He said that they were the most powerful men that he had ever met. When he asked them who ordained them, the men responded by saying that their bishop was working for the Nazi’s at the time so they could not trust him. So, they prayed over each other one at a time and asked the Holy Spirit to anoint them. Wurmbrand said that they must have been anointed by Holy Spirit because their ministry was powerful. After reading that account something in my spirit was aroused and I desired the same type of anointing. Not an ordination by men on paper, but one of the Holy Spirit, one of power.

Receiving my certificate

Receiving my Certificate of Ordination to Proclaim the Gospel with David and Suzette Allen

This conference was the answer to the desire that has been in my heart for some time now. David Allen, the founder of Five Rivers Ministries and a former Senior Pastor of twenty-five years, had received the call to start recognizing the calling that God had on the everyday believers and to call them into the ministries that God had for them. The process was not that people came to the conference to be ordained for ministry but rather that this conference recognized what God had already called each person to and they were just simply coming into agreement with the Holy Spirit and giving each person affirmation to their calling. There is much to share about what was shared at the conference but the main point and heart was the aspect of the ordination of every believer. That every believer has a calling and it comes from the Holy Spirit. I am pleased to say that my ordination to proclaim the Gospel was recognized, affirmed, and called forth from my brothers for me to accomplish what God was calling for in my life. The ordination I received is not one that would allow me to pastor a church, nor perform certain ceremonies like weddings, but to proclaim the Gospel where ever God calls me to be whether at home, in ministry or in the marketplace and it is one that I accept and look forward to living out.

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