Schools Out Cook-Out

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10371619_671068419639803_4569385990923940523_nOn Friday Night, we held a night out for the youth at Hope Church. We started the night off with a classic summer cook-out, which gave me a chance to see how to use the new car most effectively to transport all the necessary things for a good event. I am pleased to say this small SUV is much better than the sedan I had before for this type thing. We had a great time sharing a meal together and we were even able to feed an entire troop of boy scouts that was near by with all the extra food we had so it turned into a real ministry time for us to share with them. It was great to sit around with the students and some of their parents and hear how they felt God had been growing them and what their thoughts were towards the youth program since we started. Anna and I were really blessed to hear how they have grown and it gave us confirmation that we are doing the right things with this students because they are hungry for more of God in their lives.

We then went and played putt-putt with a huge group of people that may or may not have slowed everyone else down behind us but we had a great time. It is awesome to see these students not only spending time with adults, but their parents and to see them having such a good time together! I have been reading that my generation and the generation under us has a culture shift of really enjoying family time and I am seeing that truth in our students. I am pleased to say that some of us even got one or a few hole-in-ones!

We finished the night out back at the church with a bonfire and a time to just share in conversation with one another. After our first nine months and our first school year through with the students I am encouraged to see how we have grown closer to one another and closer to the Lord together. I believe God is going to do some amazing things through these kids because they are few but they are hungry and growing in zeal and passion for the Lord!

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