Toddler Transformation

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The other day I was looking at my son, Daniel, who recently turned two over the summer. While looking at him I was holding my four day year old son, Ezekiel, who is a more round headed version of his older brother. I had one of those moments that all parents experience, and always alludes to, where you look at your children see how big they are and realize time goes incredibly fast. (In fact, just a few days before this I was measuring Daniel to myself and he was literally up to my belt line already!) I noticed in Daniel’s face that he was transitioning into the toddler physique, that he was starting to look older and he was starting to take on more traits of an older child.


I’ve been in a season of life where I feel God is working on transforming me on a new level. This ‘new Jacob’ kind of season where He is wanting to transform everything from health, to my heart to my very understanding of my purpose. Noticing Daniel’s physical changes caused me to think about the spiritual transformation that we experience as we grow in faith. Just like Daniel’s growth that was slow and steadily happening over time our faith and who we are changes. I didn’t notice the change each day but rather over the course of long periods of time when I’d look at him then think back to what he used to look like that’s when I realized how much had changed and how far he’d progressed. Our growth in who we are in Christ is the same way we don’t realize the change in the moment but looking back we can see how good God is in transforming us.


Transformation is a promise God has made to us if we seek Him. He promises to transform us as we choose to live differently and pursue His voice and His Word. I know I’ve had seasons where I compare myself to others or feel like I have accomplished so little and this perspective comes when my vision is too short. This happens mostly when I am lazy, bummed out or prideful and the result is a short mindset, but this is not the posture of a transformed man and in those times I have to remind myself of who I am, who God says I am, and start getting a better perspective. I have to look at time on God’s scale, which is based on the work He’s done over all and in the scale of eternity. If you want to see transformation in your life here’s a few tips from my ‘limited’ experience.


  • Commit To The Process :: Give yourself to listening to His voice. Read His Word and obey His teachings and His directions.
  • Write Your Testimony :: I’ve tried to make it a habit of writing my testimony once a year. This helps me keep life in perspective and often discover how God was working in my life in a way that I was previously unaware of which is incredibly encouraging.
  • Have Proper Perspective :: Step back and get the 30,000 foot view of what God has done and the direction you’re going with Him. This will yield a life of expectation verses discouragement.
  • Stay Prayerful :: Listening to God’s voice and speaking with Him will keep your transformation flowing and keep it from growing stale.
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