Words: The Endless Chronicle

 In Meditating on the Word, Scripture

“…no human being can tame the tongue.”

– James 3:8

Again, I am reminded and humbled by my humanity. It is clear that God in His perfection has pointed out my imperfections as to dilute my being in replacement for His character to be instilled. This process is painful, nonetheless full of hope. Discouraged in my performance yet secure in His grace for tomorrow.

I read James and I am overwhelmed by the simplicity and degree of challenge each phrase holds. Beyond that I am increasingly convinced that He works through the community of believers to impress His will and message on my heart. His Word fills my soul with faith and my foundations with Truth and His words, spoken through my brothers, penetrate my life, breaking me down but not unto defeat but instead push me into breakthrough.

This past week I had spent time reading James really digging into the importance of words and the our use of them. He says, “Look at the ships also: though they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are guided by a very small rudder wherever the will of the pilot directs. So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things” (Jm. 3:4,5). It is clear from the passage that our words have great power but they pass through our lips with such ease. Never is our heart or our language shifted in a moment but it is formed through our perspectives and our surroundings. In short, I had allowed my words to become less than encouraging in areas of my life and my ship was leaning towards dark waters.

Thankfully I have a community of faith surrounding me and when my words were starting to discourage others instead of encourage I was called out by a brother. In the moment, I realized my words were hurting others and I was defensive but only for moment as the Truth that had been instilled earlier that week from James rose up and I realized my fault. I confessed and thanked my brother for his boldness to confront me in my weakness. The beauty of God’s grace came in the moment when in His forgiveness became the foundation for His redemption in me allowing my spirit, my heart and my words to be redeemed.

It’s amazing how such little words can make such large impact. It is through words that we have the ability to destroy or build up one another. It is through our words that we can bless or we can curse, but we cannot do both. James makes it clear that if we know Christ and His Spirit lives within us our words must be pure and without cursing.

I am thankful for the truth of God’s Word and His grace to correct our faults. For it was through words that I stepped out of bounds but yet through the words of my friend that confronted me in my sin so that I might confess and be able to walk right again. May God bless you and these words empower you to walk in greater faith and righteousness. (Revelation 12:11)

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